The advantages of Ecoratio’s surface retarders

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 06-25-21

A good surface retarder contributes to evenly washed out concrete by, as the word says, prevent the set of the top layer of the concrete. This to get an aggregate surface without etching or blasting.

What problems are solved when working with our retarders?
Working with the right type of retarder ensures that concrete surfaces are made suitable for decorative finishes or adhesion for second pours. It also prevents an uneven wash depth and makes it possible to better maintain planned time schedules for finishing concrete surfaces up to 72 hours.

Why a surface retarder from Ecoratio?
Apart from the fact that our retarders are solvent-free and non-flammable, they also come in both positive and negative types. We’d like to list the benefits of all types for you*:

  • Washing depths of 1-7 mm, depending on retarder type, grain size and concrete composition
  • Washing-out time of maximum 72 hours after pouring
  • All types are solvent-free and non-flammable
  • Even washing out results
  • Used materials can be easily cleaned with water and soap
  • Retarders for indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Organic raw materials, good for people and environment
  • Applicable in various industries
  • Suitable for exposed concrete
  • Guaranteed shelf life of 12 months

*Each retarder type has its own specifications and benefits. They are produced in four types: a paste, a gel, a liquid and a wax. See for more explanation further in this blog or ask our Technical Sales Consultant for the best retarder for your application.


Ecoratio's retarders can be applied to:

  • Fresh concrete
  • Self-compacting and low-density concrete
  • Compaction productions using shaking

It can be applied to:

  • Steel moulds
  • Wooden moulds
  • Polyurethane moulds
  • Polystyrene mould edges

Our Betopro Retarders 

  • Betopro Retarder Pasteis especially designed for indoor use and applying directly to the mould surface (negative). It is suitable to provide a highly decorative exposed aggregate surface finish or a structural key for secondary casting. Retarder Paste is available in multiple varieties, each providing a different washing depth. 
  • Betopro Retarder Liquid is an easily sprayable, clearly visible surface retarder for both indoor and outdoor use. It can only be applied to freshly poured concrete (positive use). The resulting surface is useful as decorative concrete, structural key for secondary casting or as a non-slip surface. 
  • Betopro Retarder Gelmust be applied to freshly poured concrete (positive use). After washing, it provides a highly decorative exposed aggregate surface finish or a key for secondary onsite casting. It is available in multiple varieties, both for indoor use. 
  • Betopro Retarder Wax is mainly developed for outdoor use as it is rainproof but can be used indoor as well. It must be applied directly to the mould (negative use) and is designed to provide a key for secondary concrete pours in a later stage or as a non-slip surface. 


All our retarders are available in various package sizes. Please contact your local Technical Sales Consultant for more information.  




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