Tips on how to prevent corrosion on your moulds

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 01-30-19


In previous blogs we discussed about common problems that occur during the production of concrete and affects your concrete quality. We finish with the last issue of this list: corrosion on your moulds. As the problem solvers we are, would like to help you with it. In this blog we discuss the causes and the solutions of corroding moulds to assist you in the prevention of this issue.

What causes corrosion?

To prevent the corrosion of the moulds, we need to get a better picture of what causes this corrosion. The materials that are used during the production process of the concrete might contain chemicals that have influence on the surface of the mould. This phenomenon occurs when the metal moulds are sensitive to corrosion and possibly not cleaned properly. 

When the surface of the mould is going to corrode, the metal can expand up to seven times. The pressure is affecting the concrete surface and the concrete can be damaged. In most cases, the corroding is ignored and the corroding process continues affecting the production process. Rust stains keep appearing on the concrete and need to be removed, extending the production and finishing times.


How to prevent corrosion on your moulds

The corrosion on moulds is a persistent problem, as it is not clear what exact additive and material causes the corrosion. However, we are able to give you 4 tips that help you prevent the issue of corroding moulds.

Tip #1: Investing in new moulds? Think about non-corrosive metals such as aluminum or stainless steel to avoid the issue of corrosion;

Tip #2: We advise the use a release agent that includes an anti-corrosion agent within its formula. Ecoratio can offer you this;

Tip #3: Moulds need to be treated well to maintain its condition. Avoid exposure to inclement weather and cover well if stored outside;

Tip #4: Extensive cleaning with sufficient cleaning equipment improves the life span of your moulds.

Corrosion is a persistent problem, but it is not impossible to solve. More information on corroding moulds can be found in our eBook “Quality Guide in Concrete Production”. In this eBook, other problems in the concrete industry and how we can solve this are discussed.

Quality Guide in Concrete Production

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