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Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 12-18-18

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Ecoratio is the problem solver for your problems in the concrete industry. To fully assist you in this, we listen to the problems of our customers.

In this blog I will discuss when you should use a custom-built spray system and what value and benefits a custom-built spray system will add to your concrete production process. In addition, the problems that can be solved with this tailored service are outlined.

When use a custom-built spray system?

A custom-built spray system has several benefits. However, not all of our customers are in need of a custom-built spray system. In some cases, standardised systems can be equally or even more efficient. When you have a specific need for a specific project, custom-built systems can be interesting. Our technical sales staff knows everything about improving your production process, so they are able to identify if a custom-built spray system can add value to your project or not.

Benefits of a custom-built spray system

We would like to give you an overview of the advantages of a custom-built spray system, because it may be very beneficial for your organization:

  • The release agent is applied more efficiently, and the consumption of release agent will decrease. This is important to avoid problems with the surface of the concrete such as:
  • The cost (and time) of manual application are reduced;
  • There is no inconsistency in the application of the release agent;
  • An efficient spray system eliminates waste product;
  • The health and safety conditions in the factory will be improved and with an Ecoratio release agent completely eliminated!

Problems that can be solved with a custom-built system

With a custom-built spray system it is possible to solve the following problems:

  • Product waste
    With the proper application of the spray system the overall quality of the concrete will improve. This has the result that there is no need to demolish the concrete products, causing product waste.
  • High costs
    Manual spray systems can be expensive because of the removing, maintaining and filling the spray cans. Besides, the manual spray systems are labor intensive and not efficient. With a custom-built spray system time and money can be saved due to the improved efficiency. 
  • Health and safety issues
    With a manual spray system the phenomenon of misting occurs in the working environment. The release agent is atomized and will be inhaled by the working staff. Most release agents of other suppliers than Ecoratio contain hazardous chemicals that affects the respiratory tract and the eyes. In addition, the atomized oils are present around the whole factory causing a greasy layer on equipment and the floor.
  • Lack of efficiency
    Using manual spray systems on major moulds is costly and time intensive. You can save on time and costs with an automated spray system that is specially developed for your projects. At the end of the day more work will be done with less effort and no use of man hours.
  • Aesthetical issues
    Due to the perfect appliance of the release agent many issues in the concrete production are solved. The most important result of the spray system is that the applied agent is in the perfect quantity. With too much release agent, issues in the concrete surface as voids, bubbles, discoloration, dust and sticking may occur.

As the problem solver in the concrete industry, Ecoratio is able to assist you with several problems in the industry. We can help you with surface voids, sticking concrete, corrosion and more with our release agent and spray solutions. In our guide quality in concrete production information can be found on how to improve the quality of your concrete and how to prevent problems that occur during the production of concrete.

Quality Guide in Concrete Production

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