Tips for the best use of release agents

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 05-08-19


In order to achieve the best possible concrete quality, it is important to pay extra attention to the release process and the way in which the release agent is applied.

In this blog article you can read more about the importance of release agents and how to achieve a high concrete quality with the correct use of these release agents.

When a release agent is applied correctly to the mould, you benefit from many advantages. In addition to improving the concrete quality, you save on production costs. Moreover, your mould has a longer service life.

The importance of release agents and the correct use

Any sort of oil or lubricant can be used for the releasing process, but for optimal results we recommend using a high quality release agent. If the quality of the product is not sufficient, the following problems may occur:

To prevent these problems, two things are important: the type of release agent and how the release agent is applied.

Choose the right type of release agent

There are many types of release agents on the market. Release agents can be safe and environmentally friendly, there are also different types for different concrete applications. There are release agents that are suitable for different weather conditions when concrete is produced on construction sites. In addition, there are also release agents that can be used on moulds with complex dimensions such as tunnel segments.

The use of the right type of release agent ultimately ensures a high quality of the concrete surface. 

How to use release agents for the best concrete quality

As indicated earlier, the misuse of release agent leads to various problems on the concrete surface. To prevent this, the correct use of the release agent is essential. We give you the following general tips to help you with the correct appliance of the release agent to the mould.

Tip 1 - Cleaning the mould

Before you start with the appliance of the release agent, clean the mould to prevent unevenness during the release process.

Tip 2 - Spray the oil correctly

Maintain a fixed spray pattern when applying the release agent on the mould. For optimal application, maintain a constant distance from the surface of the mould and ensure the correct nozzle and air pressure is used.

Tip 3 - Avoid overuse

If too much release agent is applied to the mould, you increase the chance of irregularities such as concrete stains and air bubbles. With excessive application oil puddles are formed with the result that the concrete mix does not harden optimally in the mould. With Ecoratio's release agent you can clearly see how much has been applied, preventing excessive use.


Tip 4 - Use an automated spray system

To achieve the best concrete quality and save on costs we advise to use an automated spray system. With a spray system you avoid excessive release agent on the mould surface. Besides, it speeds up the production and results in healthier and safer working conditions.

We are able to provide you more specific tips in a personal consult or demonstration!

Ecoratio’s release agents

Due to long and intensive research, we have developed safe and environmentally friendly release agents that optimize the demoulding process, resulting in a high quality of the concrete surface. In addition, Ecoratio's release agent is user-friendly and easy to apply to the mould.

There are more techniques to increase the concrete quality. In our manual 'quality in concrete production' you will find additional tips and insights to prevent problems on your concrete surface.

Quality Guide in Concrete Production

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