Why use an environmentally friendly release agent?

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 03-07-22


At Ecoratio we value nature and we supply products that does not cause harm to the planet.
Our products are made from natural, vegetable based materials that are safe for people and planet.
In this article I would like to discuss the consequences of the use of hazardous chemicals, environmentally friendly products in the concrete industry, how we contribute to be environmentally friendly and why you should use our environmentally friendly release agents.

To make the need for environmentally friendly products more clear, we want you to be aware of the consequences hazardous chemicals have on the environment:

  • Affected health of inhabitants in the nearby environment;
  • The death of animals and plants;
  • Fires and explosions;
  • Water and soil contaminations;
  • Tarnished eco system.

Environmentally friendly release agent

We hope that more organizations in the concrete industry become more aware of the environment and want to contribute to a better world to live in. It is not hard to be more environmentally friendly during the concrete production process. In the concrete industry, many players are using release agents that contain hazardous chemicals that have a negative effect on people and planet.

Continuous research by Ecoratio

As an expert in its discipline, Ecoratio focuses on the continuous research and development to improve the existing release agents without causing harm to the environment. Ecoratio is the only company in this industry that can achieve this as producing environmental friendly release agents is its core business: they have spent a lot of time, money and resources on these products.

Why use our environmentally friendly release agents?

When you are not using environmentally friendly release agent, we would like to highlight some motivations why you should try our release agent:

  • No harm to the environment;
  • Creating safe working environments for your employees;
  • Less greasy emission when using spray systems;
  • Reduced costs of use – less release agent needed for the same amount of covering;
  • Concrete surface finishes can be improved – Ecoratio solves issues as surface voids, sticking concrete, dust, corrosion and concrete stains;
  • Improves your concrete production process;
  • The release agents of Ecoratio are natural and vegetable based without the addition of solvents;
  • The release agents are odor neutral and are biodegradable (OECD-301-B);
  • Our release agents are non-flammable due to the lack of hazardous chemicals.

Learn more about our environmentally friendly products in our eBook:

Environmentally friendly release agents





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