How to save costs during concrete production

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 05-23-19


You can save costs and achieve a higher return on investment with the use of Ecoratio’s products. In this article you can read how you can save time and costs during the demoulding process, so that you are able to realize a profitable concrete production process.

High concrete quality

High concrete quality goes hand in hand with sustainability. When the concrete surface is smooth and strong, you may reduce the porosity. In addition, the concrete lasts longer, which contributes to the sustainable character of the end product. You save on repair and replacement costs in the long term.

How do you save costs during concrete production?

The quality of concrete can be described in various ways. At Ecoratio we talk about high concrete quality when the concrete surface is firm and smooth, with all the associated benefits. The following measures help you save time and costs during the concrete production:

  • Avoid damaged concrete

Damaged concrete is costly to repair, resulting in the loss of time and money involved in production. By using a high quality release agent, you optimize the release process, which reduces the chance of damage and therefore additional costs.

  • Reduce cleaning costs

During concrete production you will be faced with cleaning costs that cannot be avoided. Using the correct product there may be a reduction in the costs of the cleaning equipment and time / man-hours. Optimal demoulding and the prevention of corrosion reduce concrete residues in the moulds and therefore the cleaning costs. In addition, it increases the quality of your concrete elements!

  • Efficient use of the release agent

By preventing the excessive use of release agent, you save on the cost of use. In addition, excessive use has an adverse effect on the concrete surface, due to the creation of air bubbles, discoloration and other problems that affect the surface. Efficient use provides a sustainable product and high quality concrete without spending money or time on repairing costs.

  • The use of spray systems

Applying release agents manually takes time and is less effective than when working with an automated spraying system. In addition to saving time, spraying systems realize high quality concrete surfaces without expensive problems such as surface voids and discoloration.

  • Save time

The prevention of damaged concrete, the reduction of cleaning costs, the efficient use of release agent and automated spraying systems contribute to saving time. By working efficiently you achieve more and better results with less expensive man-hours.

  • Save on the storage of hazardous substances

Many hazardous substances are used in concrete production that require special storage due to danger to people and the environment. Use environmentally friendly products during concrete production and save on costly storage for the harmful chemicals.


There are many factors that influence the costs of the demoulding process. Most costs are related to time and efficiency. Ecoratio's release agents are efficient with a sustainable character and can help your organization to save costs during concrete production. In addition to ensuring that the products are safe for people and the environment, you can achieve high concrete quality with Ecoratio.

More details about how you can save costs in concrete production with Ecoratio's products and which measures you need to take can be found in our fact sheet: cost saving in concrete production.

 cost saving concrete production

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