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Tunnels are being built all over the world in the most challenging and complicated forms. The quality of the concrete used in production needs to be of highest quality,  the same quality demands also apply to the segment surface quality. In this blog you can read about the situation in the market of tunnel segments, the challenges during the production of tunnel segments and how Ecoratio can support concrete producers.

About the tunnel segment market

At the moment there are numerous projects in progress worldwide for the construction of metro and railways, where tunnel segments are used.

Concrete elements in the tunnel segment market have challenging dimensions and a time-sensitive production process. Delays in production have a lot of negative influence on the entire project, which makes it necessary to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Market study Tunnel segments

Challenges production tunnel segments + solutions

There are various challenges in the tunnel segment market. We will discuss these challenges and give suiting solutions.

  • Formation of corrosion

Steel moulds are the most common moulds types that are used in the production of tunnel segments. The use of certain release agents possibly causes or attributes to the formation of surface corrosion on the steel moulds , resulting in staining on the concrete surfaces and corrosion damage to the mould surface during the production process.

The solution: Ecoratio's release agents contain an anti-corrosion agent that prevents the formation of corrosion.

  • Low quality concrete surface

Problems during the production process can cause various problems that affect the quality of the concrete elements. This includes air bubbles, staining and sticking concrete.

The solution: Ecoratio's release agents prevent the  problems that reduce the quality of the concrete.

  • Unusable working tools

Many release agents used in the industry have a negative impact on the tools and materials used during the production of tunnel segments. This is mainly due to the use of harmful chemicals and minerals from competing release agents.

The solution: Ecoratio's release agent only consists of plant-based oils in combination with an anti-corrosion agent to keep material in top condition.

  • Dangerous working conditions

During the production of concrete tunnel segments, the safety of construction workers is endangered by not only the use of dangerous release agents but also the storage of dangerous release agents. In addition, they have to work with products that can be a health hazard, requiring special work clothes and PPE.

The solution: Ecoratio`s develoment of “green” label free release agents ensure a safe working environment for your workforce whilst protecting our precious environment from harmful chemicals.

Release agents for tunnel segments

Ecoratio understands that concrete tunnel constructions are complex.  Ecoratio’s release agents  ensure a quick and easy removal of the tunnel segments from the moulds to achieve the best concrete quality possible. According to customers, 50% to 70% less effort is needed during the demoulding process. Our release agents can be used on moulds all shapes and sizes?

Want to know more about tunnel segments? Download our market study and learn more about the problems and solutions in the concrete tunnel segment market.

Market study Tunnel segments


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