The optimal use of polystyrene during concrete production

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 06-13-19

Ecoratio helps you realize details in your concrete elements with the optimal use of polystyrene forms. In addition to release agents for your moulds, Ecoratio offers the solution for adhesive polystyrene that remains on the concrete. In this blog we discuss the use of polystyrene and the benefits of Ecoratio's polystyrene agent for your company!

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How to save costs during concrete production

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 05-23-19

You can save costs and achieve a higher return on investment with the use of Ecoratio’s products. In this article you can read how you can save time and costs during the demoulding process, so that you are able to realize a profitable concrete production process.

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Tips for the best use of release agents

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 05-08-19

In order to achieve the best possible concrete quality, it is important to pay extra attention to the release process and the way in which the release agent is applied.

In this blog article you can read more about the importance of release agents and how to achieve a high concrete quality with the correct use of these release agents.

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Why use an environmentally friendly release agent?

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 04-10-19


At Ecoratio we value nature and we supply products that does not cause harm to the planet.
Our products are made from natural, vegetable based materials that are safe for people and planet.
In this article I would like to discuss the consequences of the use of hazardous chemicals, environmentally friendly products in the concrete industry, how we contribute to be environmentally friendly and why you should use our environmentally friendly release agents.

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Health and safety in concrete production

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 03-21-19

In some cases the health and safety measures during the concrete production process is insufficient. One of the main reasons for this is the use of hazardous chemicals for the production of concrete with no safety precautions when working with concrete.

It is important to improve the working conditions for construction workers in the concrete industry. In this article we would like to highlight how we ensure a healthy and safe working environment

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