What is concrete release agent?

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 03-02-20

With the help of a concrete release agent in the concrete industry, concrete elements are released from the forms and molds that are mainly made from plywood, overlaid plywood, aluminum or steel. In this article you read more about concrete release agents.

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High quality precast concrete panels

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 01-20-20

Precast concrete panels are produced hundreds of times every day around the world. There are many different purposes for the precast concrete panels and there are differences in size, function and costs. They have one thing in common: the need for high-quality concrete and finishing. How this can be achieved is explained in this blog.

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What are surface voids in concrete?

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 01-09-20

Surface voids in concrete elements are one of the most common surface issues in the pre-cast industry. In this short blog article, we explain briefly what surface voids are and how they are created.

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Avoid problems with plotter paint on concrete elements

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 08-22-19

After each demoulding cycle, the moulds are cleaned and set for dimension using plotter paint, accurately placed by a high Tech machine called a  “Plotter”. This process is to ensure that the end result meets the precise required dimensions required by the end user.

Deviations in the dimensions of concrete elements are expensive as the elements are all bespoke to the particular contract but can also result in a logistical nightmare when rescheduling any elements that are to be remade, then we have the burning question “What do we do with the elements that are wrong” ?

In this blog I will try to explain more about plotter paint and the problems that may arise from plotter paint and I will give you an insight into the benefits of the plotter paint supplied by Ecoratio.

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High quality concrete tunnel segments

Posted by Mr. Ecoratio on 07-25-19

Tunnels are being built all over the world in the most challenging and complicated forms. The quality of the concrete used in production needs to be of highest quality,  the same quality demands also apply to the segment surface quality. In this blog you can read about the situation in the market of tunnel segments, the challenges during the production of tunnel segments and how Ecoratio can support concrete producers.

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